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About Seferihisar

“Cittaslow capital of Turkey” in November 2009, Seferihisar became known as this title.

Conscious of this title, the people are no longer volunteering and doing things together, hence the name, although the word is slowly passed, although the emblem in the waist snail are developing rapidly. Moreover, this doesn't leave aside their values during development, and they're getting even higher, while preserving their values.
Cycling has become more and more popular in city after City Seferihisar snail, the technology is still being used, yes, but without exceeding the dose, to the extent that will not harm people and the environment.

Seferihisar is famous it would be wrong to say that just after receiving this title, of course. Because Seferihisar is a coastal town known especially by the bow. From Izmir and the surrounding counties welcomes holiday makers from their weekends or day for years.

Seferihisar hotels is serving for a long time. Some in the category of boutique hotel, some B & B, Hotel... some hotels Seferihisar usually small-scale and local businesses. Who knows, maybe this situation is effective in a slow city Seferihisar.

Seferihisar Hotel Deals is also equally appropriate to shake the budget, this provides an advantageous situation for holidaymakers. But the summer welcomes many holidaymakers Seferihisar, therefore, Seferihisar hotels is almost never empty.

After the announcement of the city and slowly so we're guessing this summer will be pretty full. For this reason, it's worth getting your reservation at Seferihisar hotels early, especially on weekends, tell us...

Life is easy in Turkey, Izmir, Seferihisar is the first member of a network of cities that...

Located 47 km from Izmir, Izmir, Seferihisar, Izmir province in a pretty tangerine and olive groves. This nature of the city which was discovered from the stress of moving, tired of literally medicine to the soul, the stirrings of a life the people of Qatar...
Travelers also waiting for spring to arrive in the present days they are making preparations towards Izmir-Seferihisar. Nature revived with wildflowers, pristine fish restaurants, delicious fish and Izmir-Seferihisar also waiting for its guests...

Izmir-Seferihisar hotels for their guests during the winter season in order to accommodate the best way they began to wrap up their preparations in a uniform manner and 2019 prepared. Moreover, the slow city Seferihisar in Izmir on the bottom rung of everything that it took to 2019 also the hotel prices are very reasonable.

Izmir-Seferihisar hotels you can stay at a stylish and unique property with a great restaurant with a sea view, as the walls of the ureter from the bougainvillea in the garden a small bank stay at the hotel. Seferihisar hotels and property at 2019 prices vary depending on the type of accommodation you will perform at.

If you are still in the Aegean, and if you haven't been to Izmir, Seferihisar, Izmir, Seferihisar hotel rates and give yourself a chance by examining this kind towards the resort town of 2019 hit the road. Before taking action, it is useful for Izmir-Seferihisar hotel to make your reservation. Because many people who want to benefit from the hotel Izmir-Seferihisar-2019 appropriate prices is waiting in the queue...

About Seferihisar

Seferihisar, a district of Izmir province in the Aegean region. Urla Seferihisar facial measurement 364 square kilometers in the North and northwest, east and Southeast Meander, surrounded by the Aegean Sea in the south and West.
Located in the western part of Izmir, Seferihisar territory covers the southern portion of Urla peninsula extending into the Mediterranean Sea. Coming from the south to the west coast of the peninsula from the East Bay, Sığacık, Kuşadası Bay to the southern coast of his hometown kuzay also forms. The two are separated by the Gulf Doğanbey Nose.
The people of Izmir, Seferihisar from agriculture and tourism. The largest part of agricultural land in Izmir-Seferihisar olive groves and satsuma Mandarin Gardens creates a type. Also in Izmir-Seferihisar-wheat, barley, corn, grapes, and cotton are also grown. Depending on the development of tourism in Izmir-Seferihisar, peach production also have become widespread. Seferihisar in greenhouses in-season vegetables.

Teos and Akkum Beach, which is located off the coast of Urla, Izmir and many tourist facilities were established in recent years. Of Teos in the forest, forest is the main promenade of the resort Seferihisar in Izmir. Izmir-Seferihisar soils of lead, zinc and perlite that contains ore deposits. Old Izmir-Seferihisar region is a residential area. Sivrihisar sivrihisar located in the northwestern part of the county or the old name, the town of Seferihisar, and Izmir is approximately 45 km from the provincial centre. Izmir-Seferihisar more undeveloped it is a settlement. Izmir-Seferihisar town of the coast in terms of tourism in recent years has brought vitality to the state of interest.

In Italy, which started in 1999 "refers to the movement slow city Seferihisar, are included in this group, and the first attendee from Turkey managed to become a slow city.



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